Friday, November 9, 2012

A mistake spelt with three letters

I have listened with amusement, the Prime Minister's attempt to walk back on his announcement a couple of weeks aback that a new Board of Directors was in place for Gravel and Concrete, when at the time it was not. 

He told a radio interview this week, that the announcement was " a mistake".

A mistake?

What is there to be mistaken about? 

The Grenadian leader watched us in the face and told us that 24 hours earlier HIS cabinet had taken a decision on the board.
Sir, it either happened or it did not.

What is there to make a "mistake" about? 

I have a less that complimentary description for that episode. 

Chester Humphrey said on radio this week that "in court that is called perjury." 
He is even more diplomatic on this, than I'd be.

And why is all this important? And is this a big deal? 

In and of itself, maybe not. But in the larger scheme of things, it is. 

You see, the Prime Minister has built his political career on an almost unreproachful sainthood; this warrior for Christ who has been divinely appointed to deal with all of us charlatans.

In his own mind, and those who promote him, Prime Minister Thomas is supposed to be no ordinary politician; and you dare not question him because by doing so you immediately become inherently "evil." 

There are many things he said at that press conference that were not consistent with reality; and there were a few others that were downright misleading; such as that the decision to retrench the Gravel and Concrete workers was only a "proposal". 

Some people are of the view that in some of those cases, it is because the Prime Minister had been badly misinformed; in others purposefully misled by his advisors. 

And indeed, some of these analyses might be actually true. 

But since 2010, I had come to painfully personally accept, that our goodly Prime Minister is very capable of making -- well what he will call mistakes -- but what I will describe more brutally with a three-letter word. 

Two years ago the Prime Minister conspired with a couple of people in his office, along with George Grant and George Worme, to mislead the nation in a matter involving me.

And Prime Minister Thomas was so inept with his politics, he did not even allow surrogates to do it, but instead inserted himself at the scene of the crime.

Interestingly after the Prime Minister's barrage then, when I inquired what was that all about from someone in his office, he had put it down to "a mistake" his boss made that "should not have happened." 

Another told me it was because the Prime Minister was "misinformed". 
(Only that being so badly misinformed as a leader is 10 times more dangerous than driving drunk). 

But like the Gravel and Concrete thing, I am long satisfied that it was not just a mistake -- it was calculated to mislead -- to give a particular impression.

This declaration back then that somehow I was upset with him and his government because some "contract" I had demanded was turned down, was an untruth he told, that up until then, I never believed he was capable of. 
(And while I have gotten private apologies about it from some of his aides, I still await his). 

But for those who have been in denial, get use to what I have come to know since 2010; this warrior for Christ is capable of making -- err -- well - mistakes. 

Only that in my household, we spell "mistake" with only three letters.


  1. imagine that,,
    hamlet still cant say the damn man lie... wth that's why we are in this way we are in .... we mince words for or about who or what we want to sugar-coat...