Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Of hate and fear, and in search of a share of the 75%

SOMETIMES when we hang out in certain circles too long, we can quickly get disconnected from the real world of real people with real problems.

In this Grenada debate there are three classes -- the chattering class of St George's (of which sometimes I unwittingly become a member); the cyber hawks of mainly expatriates; and the real people out there in Munich and Mt Horne, with whom I had the pleasure to spend quality time a few days ago.

Having been to these places lately -- I am satisfied the people's agenda and concerns are so radically different to the chatter we have created over the period.

I am clear in my mind, that the people out there, are:

(a) Absolutely confused about what is going on, and the diminishing amount sympathetic to NDC is asking the question, "Why can't they work this out?"

(b) By and large they don't think this government has done a great job. In fact in asking a lot of explanations about what is going down, it ended in expressions like these:

Man I don't really care, you know, about them fellas. You know how long I ain't work?


They (are) alright. I voted for NDC, and I ain't voting again. I ain't even bother to register. The little pension I had they take it.

In a pasture where four teams of "young voters" were playing windball matches, I did not come across one person who said they were voting for NDC or this current administration next time around.

Four years ago, these same guys were the core of NDC support in the area.

It was almost evenly split between those who had changed allegiance, and those who could not bother to participate in the process. In fact most of the latter ones had not even registered.

They frankly felt the current political situation is a sad joke that's pinching them in the pocket.

Which brings me to another point someone raised to me -- which until then I was too busy to give it -- or anything about this Grenada situation -- serious thought.

One guy on the edge of a windball game and cookout asked me -- the Prime Minister said they had accomplished 75% of their manifesto; what are those achievements -- because I ain't feel it.

My response was 'good question' -- and starting to think hard -- I quickly came up with the free school books' programme -- and then I very soon tapered out.

This sent me the next day looking at that NDC election manifesto of 2008 to refresh myself (even though I should have known the details from adam).

Either the Prime Minister does not have a clue, or was just deliberately trying to mislead, or just read what they gave him without thinking -- or all of the above -- when he made that 75 % accomplishment claim.

Maybe his math might be fuzzy, or was a weakling in school when it came to calculating fractions and percentages.

Having read the manifesto, I would still like a detailed explanation of where that 75% came from -- and an itemizing of exactly what are the details.

Being around politics, I understand hyperbole and the science of stretching the truth.

Having known all the people who made utterances at the last rally too well -- I however refuse to believe they were deliberately telling a series of lies. (Accuse me of living in denial if you will).

Fuzzy mathematical calculation was not the only offering on the infamous July 8, 2012.

It was a good day for the New National Party.

For a moment I thought Keith Mitchell and Tillman Thomas were playing tag team on the population.

They were both bashing NDC -- and nobody raised a voice in its defense.

The Prime Minister's argument for having the Gouyave rally was that his team can report to the people on the plans and progress of the government.

Other than throwing that "seventy five percent" surprise on us, there was little about that.

According to Glen Noel -- the biggest achievement of this government is that he has the ability to "throw one stone" and all his enemies -- real and perceived -- scattered.

Just this example shows how much trouble we are in; as is the Prime Minister's weekly manifesto of "infantile hate" that is published by his surrogates on his willing behalf and wink-eyed approval.

It's enough to declare a state of emergency when you realize that these people who write these drivel are the main advisors of the Prime Minister. (How do you pin-down sand-minded brains to an intellectual debate? It is still one of the mysteries of this world).

You see why I am getting worried that 16 cabinet members with such dumb advisors -- can make decisions for 100, 000 Grenadians?

(Naz, I think I'll take my chances with the 40 executive members deciding for 1,000 members -- at least the ratio is smaller).

But seriously, those Epistles of St Thomas are an indictment not just on this government -- but on we the people that prop it up in our name.

When people question their record, they revert to childish name calling such as "that wretch from Miami" and that "red nastiness" or that "midget from Canada."

Serious, guys -- these are your best shot?

Whatever you think of me -- the people of Munich and Mt Horne (and I am sure many other places) still have a question they'd like answered: When will we feel the benefit of the seventy five percent?

If July 8th, 2012 was the time for the government to account, then the record is clear: hate and fear.

Hate Peter David, because he is fresh enough to ask tough questions about working people, and who has become -- as you put it -- a "rebel'' for feeling their pain and the lack of empathy from a government that champions good governance but practices bad politics.https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif

Hate Hamlet Mark, because he vex. (You all saying that quiet so. Seriously, I am fricking vex)

Fear the revolution boys -- never mind Naz and Glen sitting on the platform.

Fear Jonah, because he is about to come back.

This government has sold the people hate and fear -- and now that is what it reaps.

The people of Munich and Mt Horne (and many places in between) hate their conditions and fear their increasing pauperization.

And they are thinking about something like change. But they don't want to call it by that name -- because we have all given change a bad name.


  1. Hamlet, you have lost credibility as a Journalist. it is pathetic how biased you have become. Will not even bother to respond to your constant disrespect to the Prime Minister of Grenada. I also remember the ROLE that "Colin LaBarrie and Cde. Peter" called you to Play on behalf of the "Elders", so it is not surprising, just despicable.

    1. Anonymous aka Glen, we are creating dangerous creatures when to question the leadership of someone is akin to disrespect, You will obviously disagree with the analysis, but point out exactly where is the disrespect.

      And forget throwing brands around. Just simply respond to fair concerns of so many ordinary Grenadians.

      That will suffice -- even while you continue the infantile hate that has become the trademark of your and your friends.

    2. Think the more appropriate reply to Anonymous aka Glen Noel above is this direct quote from the article further above:

      When people question their record, they revert to childish name calling such as "that wretch from Miami" and that "red nastiness" or that "midget from Canada."

      Serious, guys -- these are your best shot?

      Whatever you think of me -- the people of Munich and Mt Horne (and I am sure many other places) still have a question they'd like answered: When will we feel the benefit of the seventy five percent?

  2. The NDC will stop at nothing to rig the next election. Have you noticed that they are not as adamant about getting their people registered as the NNP. Everyday you hear the NNP saying get registered, can we say the same for NDC? Why the silence about the stolen Computers and the one that had a lightening strike in broad daylight two weeks ago in Grand Anse.

    Hamlet I know you don't support the NNP but be on guard my friend, these people would stop at nothing to regain power. They already began the attacks on NNP personnel including the talkshop host Sheldon Scott who I understand had a stone throwed at him close to his home. Jonah's chance of returning to Office looks good but we all MUST be on Guard especially with the silence of the NDC technical brain child 'Pony Tail' who is the master mind behind the rigging.

  3. Glen Noel aka Anonymous grow up for once in your life and stop being such an idiot. Hamlet Mark has the right to speak about your party's nonsense, lies, deceipt and vindictiveness being brought against the Grenadian people.

  4. I keep telling people i just dont trust the ponytail man he is capable of doing all things related to IT and again look at the constituency where the computer from the registration office disappeared from only God knows what is been done with this computer

  5. Don't blame Glen and Ponytail. Them just doing the dirty, hatchet work on behalf of the Burke fella. Poor Tillman doesn't even realize that the staff in the Office of the prime minister is not really interested in his survival and wellbeing, but is actually undermining him and making him look bad, bad.

  6. loolololol@ponytail man...Good article Mark