Monday, July 23, 2012

Celebrating division, while a nation bleeds

Grenada’s Prime Minister Tillman Thomas on Sunday continued his lap of honor in his grand colorful celebration of division.

Seriously, I never thought so many people would have come out to cheer on a train wreck.

Having lost the majority of his MPs along the way, the Prime Minister leads a triumphant, belligerent band of appointed senators, whose very political relevancy depends on a leader that has become the joke of the Caribbean and a potential losing candidate of St Patrick’s East.

Simply put, Sunday was an expensive partially state-sponsored NDC executive-angering “Prime Minister’s rally” which “endorsed” an “NDC” candidate; a spectacle sanctioned by the Prime Minister and NDC political leader even though the last ruling of the executive at which he was present, was for a hold to be put on endorsements until the party – somehow, miraculously – gets its divided house in order.

The Prime Minister, a self-declared man of faith, obviously has no patience for miracles.

As with his mantra of accountability and good governance, he speaks a good game, with not enough action to show for what he has grabbed as his claim to fame.

Some of us, who love a train wreck, watch with amusement – maybe actually bemusement – at the biggest power grab in Grenadian history since 1983.

I wrote in November 2010 (though I said it privately a year earlier), to the chagrin of even some people who are acknowledging it now, that the Prime Minister is embarking on a hijack of democracy.

Back then, some accused me of hyperbole; others of even sour grapes.

In a stuttering defense of his democratic credentials back then, Prime Minister Thomas decided the best defense was to tell a bold face lie about the accuser – rather than give a genuine commitment that “the people’s voices will (indeed) be heard.”

Since then, this has been the hallmark of his “good governance” agenda – demonize anyone who dares ask a question; belittle and slander his critics.

Now I see they have turned on Glynis Roberts and Michael Lett – members of their cabinet – even though they still need them to prop up the tottering government. (And these people who now want to question the characters of Roberts and Lett have so little virtues of their own, that in less serious times it will be a standard joke).

The level of vitriol and deceit, hypocrisy and spite – makes whatever level of vice and bad-mindedness witnessed under various governments since independence looks like child’s play.

And as the Prime Minister and his hangers-on continue to fight for political survival, the nation continues to pay a dear price – with hotels facing closure, unemployment rising, poverty spreading; and hopelessness and anger taking root in rural Grenada.

In any other serious democracy, save a few dysfunctional Asian and African countries, a leader who had any statesman’s yearning, would have called a general election and humbly let the people decide – having done the best for his nation – win, lose or draw.

But this has little to do about the nation, Grenada; and we are dealing with anything but statesmen.

How do you call an election early, when some say only a few months to go before they are qualified for a parliamentarian’s pension and favor a delayed national poll?

Or all the other excuses you hear – that have anything but to do with the well-being of a rudderless nation.

Sometimes I tell frustrated Grenadians who speak to me, that hold on – a year is not a long time (since that’s the limit to which this can be stretched).

But seriously, how can I tell that to the man whose business is facing imminent closure? How can I tell that to the youth who has not worked in years and looking for – at least – hope? Or to the CCC worker, who now lost his house because he defaulted on his mortgage?

Does a nation have to wait until the Prime Minister settles his own political scores?

Well, with free bus, free beer and free food – we might all join the celebration of division.

The suicide caravan is coming near you soon. It’s the only show in town!


  1. Replies
    1. As far as I recollect, the NDC Executive did vote on June 28th to allow the endorsement of Mr. Hillaire. If the Secretary keeps accurate notes, this can be verified. I am amazed now when I read that it was not sanctioned by the Executive. Four issues were voted on that day and yesterday's endorsement was one that the Executive agreed to. How sad and misleading!

  2. I am convinced that your "editorals" on the Grenadian Prime Minister is primarily based on your personal sentiments!
    You are one of the few "journalist" in the Caribbean who seem to constantly use emotional contents moreso than reason/rational ones...It is my sound belief, if your continue to employ figments of imaginations yours and others in lieu of facts, it is a grave injustice to those of us who look forward to reading your submissions. I truly respected your work a whole lot more when you reported and remained impartial... I respected your work then.. I gave more creditabilty then, rather than now where you've become the news or part thereof. should I know see you as a journalist/political analyst, or both?

  3. Yea we tend to mix up the two... whats given here is commentary. It is an analysis from the writer's point of view. whether its on cricket, music or politics, analysis is just that -- a commentary -- and everybody comes from a point of view. That's different from hard news reporting, where the writer's view does not matter -- just a case of who, what when, where, how and when it can be answered -- why.

    No analysis is impartial, but every news report should be.

    When i write news, I keep my biases to myself. when I write commentary, I put my point of view out there -- and obviously some will like it, and some like you -- won't.

    And you not liking it is not "emotional". Its your right too. And I will defend your right to hate it.

  4. The writer obviously does not know the difference between commentary and news reporting, so forgive her!

  5. Give her her props, at least she uses her name. I am not so brave. It is her opportunity to hate the messenger just because she does not like the message. There is a lot of hate going around these days.

  6. It amazes me how your unique insights capture the pulse of the Grenadian nation. The magnitude of your contribution in writing would not be fully understood now, but will be given its serious props long after you gone. It will be your children who will live to understand the historic significance of this.

    For now all they will try to do is try to throw hate at you without providing an adequate counter argument.

  7. It seems as if Tillman Thomas has been advised to continue on the path of demonizing opponents as the sure way to retain power at the next general elections. If that is the case, they have truly lost touch with the reality of the Grenadian people, and the fact that they are hesitant to go back to the polls, despite the loud hue and cry from the people is a clear indication that they (Tillman and the NDC) are aware that the people are just waiting for that date to be announced to rid Grenada of this kind of political nonsense.

  8. Take a serious look at the advisers of The Prime Minister, Two men who were terminated by Lime due to their inability to respond in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan. Thereby proving they are incapable of functioning in a crisis situation. AND the Chief of staff/Stone Crusher an obsolete character.

    At the previous era in Grenada's History these types were referred to Lumpen Elements; that still persist

  9. We all need to accept the reality that currently exist in Grenada. Only those who are myopic will be oblivious to the state of affairs.

    Tillman Thomas and his cohorts have failed the Grenadian people. I would even go as far to say that he is altruistic! People are suffering and it appears he and his advisers are indifferent to the cry's of the populous.

    It is unambiguously obvious that the current NDC team isn't working and the damage is irreparable, yet Mr.Honorable refuse the allow Grenadians to go back the polls and let their voices be heard.

    There will only one looser after they are finish destroying each other... Grenada.