Monday, December 13, 2010

Peace of Earth!

It’s been an interesting period.

But sometimes I am not sure what to make of this entire furor of the last what – nearly a month now.

In that time, Grenada has been enjoying – at least on the face of it - a great cruise ship season – one time recently there were four ships in port and I was told eight-thousand people ashore.

The Prime Minister went to CANCUN and back and was supposedly at the center stage of the Climate Change conference – a process that Michael Church as Environment Minister, we are told, chaired so well before he had to leave just on the eve of it.

But in recognition of his good work, the UN organizers invited him over as a special delegate.

Tonight I saw on the TV that ‘nuff charter flights coming from Canada for the entire winter – Jazz Airways, Air Canada and Sunwing.

Forget the yankee dollar. If it works out right, a strong Canadian buck will be just fine.

But did I say Sunwing? Yea they’re back. Don’t feel “no way” Willie, a special ceremony still ain’t planned.

The traditional “meet and greet” at the airport will suffice. For now! For this time!

It’s been an awkward year for most of us, but even so I noticed we are finding creative ways to get into the Christmas spirit.

And talking about spirit – man too much rum flowing in them bars in town. But I thought all you said “we brokes”?

We were brokes in November, and we will be more brokes in January. But don’t worry about yesterday or about tomorrow. Just pass one for today.

When man drinking rum, nothing else is relevant.

So come to think of it, why did they not try the reshuffle on Christmas eve? We would have all been too drunk to notice.

A little lady told me in town today that shoulder ham scarce.

Man it ain’t no Christmas without a little salt ham boiling in a huge black pot on the makeshift fireside behind the house.

And even if the chicken is a little pricey, no worries there. Mama still got enough yard fowls around the place.

We will run down a few “ below the cocoa” – and some waters will be in order.

The real holiday breeze has already started to blow. But I have one complaint. Too much senseless parang on the radio.

Man this is Christmas. This ain’t carnival.

And why every day got to be like carnival? I go to the church harvest, they make it carnival. I go to the cricket, they make it carnival. Now Christmas is carnival.

The good thing about the last few weeks is that ‘nuff people vex with me.

Now I have less people to send gifts to. The downside I guess, is that I won’t be getting many either.

But that’s alright.

All I want for Christmas is to give some love, and expect some back as well.

Given the last four weeks, that will be welcome indeed.

Peace on Earth!

Here is the official declaration of a unilateral ceasefire. They can fire if they want, but I ain’t sending back any bullets until at least January 3.

I have more important things to attend to.

I am looking forward to my son’s soccer, midnight service in St Maurice Church in Miramar and watching Miami take on LA Lakers (Wade & Lebron versus Kobe and Gasol), with the kitchen smelling good and friends, family and beer (not that I drinking that), keeping good company.

When I really think about it – what was this fuss of the last four weeks about?

This is Christmas man! (And I’ve got to get out of this town).

Merry Christmas everybody, especially to Ray, George (by two), and a cool uncle of ours.

Yea man, he is a real cool ruler, until he hears the word hijack.

But it’s all cool.

One Love!

And once again Merry Christmas!


  1. Man, you too good! Great summary! Thorough, fair, and in context. That's what we're looking for in good journalism. When them narrow- minded ramping and raving, you offer hope and inspiration with a little humor.
    Great writing!

  2. Patrick Smikel will never forgive you, neither will Walter Ungle. In case you dont remember, I remember NISTEP in the Wing, that was a must, I also remember having to do a feature as one of the first article to determine if I will be confirmed in the job.

    Well just like you ah was always brave so i did two. One on Shendah road project in Happy Hill and another on T A Marryshow his final years in Trinidad.

    If any one ask me to do another feature, I will write about you, Neri Antoine, Toro, Harold, Val, Moody, Mr. Morain and how can i forget them hard cake in the Cafeteria in Morne Rouge. Maybe I will also write about you sleeping in the studio down stairs all because you never wanted to pay bus to go back up Munich.

    Cheap or smart what ever, you were always one step ahead of the rest and that is why you are still a journalist getting into plenty trouble with friends like me.

    Ah hear you planning on opening an Orange something, save a space for me.

  3. Good job extending a hand to people who have attacked you. That is the spirit of Christmas. I hope they accept and return your greetings.