Saturday, December 11, 2010

Allow me to wallow with the pigs for a while

UP UNTIL now, I have kept my blogs about commentaries on broad ideas and concepts; given views on matters that are of more collective than general interest.

Over the last few weeks – the likes of the Georges – have sought to shift the national debate on how democracy is being practiced within the government and its consequence on the nation.

At a time of 37 percent unemployment; when people are worried about the holiday and the New Year and when a government is grappling to get its 2011 budget right – both George Grant and George Worme – doing the biddings of the goons who yield influence at Botanic Gardens, have taken aim at me.

There are two fundamental reasons they do this (a) to change the subject in a most disastrous political period for the government and (b) to try to discredit me in any way possible because in their minds I am one of the few bold enough to damn the consequences of speaking up.

I predicted on my Facebook page a full week ago that a cabal of loose advisors and volunteer character hit men have come together, with the knowledge if not blessing of some in the Prime Minister’s office, to get at me.

What they are really are a bunch of cowards who hide behind believed anonymity, and who will use the two Georges to do their public bidding.

What these two sets have in common is full syndrome desperation, watching their pet project, which is this government, in free-fall and complete meltdown.

They are so worried that if it completely collapses they have nowhere to run – professionally and personally. But, rather than try to positively influence a stuttering confusion that passes as governance, while ordinary people hurt and worry; they hit out in desperation at their self created enemies – of whom I am number one.

These are men who pass off their own ingrained selfishness as patriotism; and who think the only way they can make us believe they have integrity is, by innuendo and omission, paint everyone else as crooks.

Indeed these are desperate times, and these are desperate graying men who have long slipped pass youth, with no spring in either their steps or ideas.

Desperate men can do desperate things – and there is more to come. Only that while they fiddle, the real people who are mad with them because of broken promises, continue to burn.

For the most part this is not about me really – or even in a real sense about them.

What this debate should be about is a nation that is on pause, if not regression; of a leadership which is in contempt of its party and out of touch with ordinary folks who had enthusiastically waved yellow bandanas.

This is about a country which has gone from yellow and green – and is now blue. Blue with hurt! Blue with despair! Blue with even rage!

And I will get back soon to what really bothers this nation – and what really gives this odd assortment of public servants, academic misfits, blundering senators, broken hangers on and low talented media men, sleepless nights.

But excuse this one time while I wallow with the pigs. These pigs!

For over the past 14 days, rather than deal with the message – a convenient section of a government, using state resources and time – has been bent on destroying me.

And naturally, any half decent self-respecting man will at least stand up and defend his family in the face of attack.

And I need to do that for my three sons, who I have always promised that daddy will be uncompromised; unbowed, unconquered and unapologetic. And for a wife whose faith I have never deserved; and a mother whose prayers have never stopped. Also crucially, for my father, who died seven years ago, and who realizing he was reaching his end, said to me – Hamlet don’t ever let them take you and make a fool.

If anything, I want him to smile from heaven, and claim: “Whitto (as he called me) you giving them hell on earth.”

Rather than deal with innuendo and half-truths (and in one case this weekend in the New Today newspaper) outright libel, I want to challenge the Georges to a debate face-to-face anywhere at anytime on the substance of the challenge that faces this nation.

Rather than deal in personal insults, I want them bring their ideas to the table, and I will bring mine, about how to get this government working for real people from La Fillette to La Tante; Belmont to Byelands.

I pity the Georges – one operates from a position of perpetual hatred, and another from crippling fear; collectively they sing choruses of jealousy.

It is that hatred and that fear; and that collective jealousy that have moved them to publish documents handed out from Botanic Gardens – as if to suggest that I have been campaigning for some major post with this government.

They conveniently ignored cover letters that show that these corporate proposals were specifically requested and reluctantly offered by a man who was running away from any suggestion that he needed to be pinned down in St George’s.

Those proposals gave an outline of cost to be paid for rent, equipment, utilities and to take a half a dozen people from the jobless line – no suggestion of money for me to individually pocket.

Obviously they would not have known about Vincent Robert’s email to me which said: “We need to get concrete proposals so that I can sell the concept.”

Nor of a soon-after follow up that said: “Thanks for all that you have done before. I sincerely depend on your advice, guidance and support. Let's do it "For Love of Country".”

In the New Today’s illiterate interpretation, it meant Hamlet Mark was asking for nearly quarter million dollars a year – a claim so ludicrous that it will have one of the Georges back to the judge’s chambers while he shamelessly hides assets to avoid another big payout.

They ignored that since 2000, my capitals have been Kingston and Kingstown; Basseterre and Bridgetown; Miami and New York.

They forgot to note that I have not waited to collect any crumbs to fall from any one’s table in St Georges – like is their lot; but I have created my own bread and that of many other people too, in diverse places.

Unlike them, St George’s for me is not a center of business; it’s simply a playground where my weary soul often takes a break.

That’s why the naked emperors in St George’s don’t bother me; instead I bother them.

Here is the scorecard of lies printed by the New Today this weekend.

LIE: That Hamlet Mark sought a contract for $280,000.

TRUTH: That on the specific request of the party (not the government), West Park Global Media (a registered company in Florida) had made a proposal to cover rent, equipment, utilities, hiring of six people that would have amounted approximately to that amount a year.

LIE: That the proposal was addressed to the Prime Minister (the Dear Prime Minister was inserted there by the New Today).

TRUTH: The document itself was addressed to no one. But the cover letter that was conveniently not published was addressed to Vincent Roberts, who is not an officer of the government, but a member of the ruling party.

LIE: That Hamlet Mark was to have been paid from the sum

TRUTH: The segment of the document published listed how the money was going to be used through the National Media Center.

Ongoing in all this reporting, there has also been the innuendo, that somehow I am upset at the government because my proposal was rejected.

Up until now the proposal has not been rejected, and as far as I am aware external funding is being sought. And so, if I was to so directly benefit I had reason to shut up, not speak out.

But that would not be said because it would not suit the narrative, they trying to build.

Inspite of the New Today’s and to a lesser extent to spin it otherwise, (eat your NDC hearts out the Georges), but verifiable evidence can show that I turned down every single personal offer made to be by this government – from press secretary down.

Ask the current holder who first begged him to take the job (and my motive he may not have known because I was “breaksing” from them asking me again).

Let’s be clear what’s happening here:

(a) I am this administration’s worst nightmare because I cannot be easily dismissed as a babbling NNP since I have more friends in the government than outside of it;

(b) No power in St George’s can frustrate any project I am working on in the Caribbean and North America, so they have no control over me. (And I’ll be soon be working on one in St George’s that they cant stop either).

(c) The Georges cannot bad mouth anything I am working on to cause it to stop. Operating from their little world, they are powerless in my bigger world.

So they will seek to discredit me – but in their over-zealous drive they have already discredited themselves.

Here’s a little lesson in journalism 101 – you two Georges – even when presented with what appears to be authentic documents, you need to cross- check sources and context before publishing. And it might be useful to seek the other side of the story too.

But when it comes to that point – I am not really mad. Never really thought you had the basics really.

PS: Now that I have wallowed with these pigs, forgive me for not fighting in my class. Please now permit me to leave discussing little people to talk about bigger ideas.


  1. Wow! Thats all I can say. Hamlet thanks for sharing your exceptional writing talents with us. This piece is really touching, especially the reference to your family.
    I have a prediction that your recent writings will be chronicled and referenced, in many circles for a long time to come. You can't be beaten; not with words; they will be the first to surrender; not you.

    These commentaries are intriquing and facinating and I am completely spellbound by your litterary skills. Thanks for sharing... For the record I am not submitting a proposal, I seek nothing:)

  2. hamlet i wonder what will these idiots in the botanical gaden do come next election . they stll believe in p.asystem on top of cars to win elections . what you did lat election was exceptional , now these fols jus mash up the bridge they crossed two an a half years ago .

  3. Grenada is a lost cause, with a Prime Minister who takes advice from losers like the Georges.

  4. I must commend you on your writing. It was a well written piece you are truly talented, keep up the good work.

  5. All you like to much damn politicis. Worry about the fact taht 95% of businesses in Grenada is foreign own. Owned by people that looks nothing like most of us.

  6. Hey Hamlet,

    I remembered seeing you on Bower / Chappy bus listening to your transistor radio on your way to SDSS. That was a long time.

  7. Congrats Hamlet, you have joined a select group of intellectual dishonest persons that believe flowery writing and fancy words can obfuscate the fact and reality of their doings. You were in bed with the same NDC up until now, recently being an activist for failed Coup leader Peter David and others. So you have issues with PART of the NDC, but not the whole, and the part you hate is a thorn in your side. For years you were in bed with NNP and through all their wrongdoings never lashed out like this. Somebody had to have mashed your corn

  8. It is really disheartening to see what is becoming of our once 'happy peaceful and gay' people. Why not disagree respectfully and move on is beyond me. For the love of God and country, let us put Grenada first. And for those journalists who think that their pieces are gospel, only God has inspired men to do that. As far as I see, there is not even one newspaper in this land worth reading - not one. So journalists, get busy doing something useful and do stories that are the truth. Stop fighting each other. And Hamlet, don't let them get your blood pressure up, they are certainly not worth it!

  9. hamlet dont lwt the goons distract u. you are on the right path..they want to discredit u and all their talking about is peter david failed coup but the issue wasnt about leadership, its about democracy.i am glad to expose george worme for what he is . A blatant liar.

  10. Thats a cheap shot Mr.Anonymous .. their is Redemption for us ALL... if a man misrepresents him self to me when we meet initially thats his problem. I cant be held responsible for his deceptive conduct and practices if I made good faith effort and submitted project proposals.

    Look Every body knows George Grant is a hired scumbag, propagandist and mouth-piece. It does not take a huge stretch of the imagination to figure out why "King George" is attacking Hamlet Mark or any one else he deems fit to feel the sting of his bias pen and tongue. He has ZERO credibility in my books. How he sleeps at night I dont know.

    That Nigger is a cold blooded bull-shitter!!, he fabricates, he will just make shit up on the fly to defend NDC lies and fabrications and then present as Truth to his "Class"!! That must be one screwed- up "ClassRoom" if "King George" is de "Teacha"!.. I will stay far- far- far from that ClassRoom-Asylum.

    What Grenada need is a New Political Party a New Generation of young,committed Leaders who have TRUE LOVE in their heart for the People!

    The idea that because you dont like a man... you will sabotage a good idea that might of help the country is bizzare conduct in my world. It was bizarre NNP did it and its bizarre when NDC is doing it. No succesful country can be managed in this fashion... this is Madness!!

    Lets face it these guys are all tainted.
    We need fresh people with fresh 21st Century ideas.... I am tired of the Melee.

    You noticed I said Grenada only.... because I think that Carriacou and PM should consider Outright Independence or some kind of Sovereignty- Association.

    Carriacou & PM will always be economically and blood wise integrated with Grenada. However de- never ending bachanal down in St. Georges is retarding the economic and cultural growth of Carriacou & PM. The cold hard facts are... Why should Carriacou and PM be tied to Grenada if it keeps on going in the same direction in terms of leadership and governance...... Grenada will just go over a cliff one day in the not too distant future and become a failed state.

    Why should the fate of Kayaks and PM'ers be decided in the Circus of St. George's!???

    (I will put this issue aside for now as Grenada has to be economically stablized before the Present Constitutional arrangment can be revisited)

    Then a new breed of untainted relatively young, sharp leaders, can step foward and take Grenada to next level.

    You know its sad, because Grenadians , Carriacous and PM'ers have ALL the natural beauty and resources required to be a world class nation- state similar to Barbados. I know Barbados is not perfect and they have their fair-share of "Assholes" at Customs, however they do tend to run a tight ship and have managed their "Brand" ably over the past 50 years.

    I guess after they ran out of turning on friends, enemies, percived enemies, they turned on them selves..same characters playing out an ego-tripping script written 30 years ago. people. One big flash back!!

    We Need enlightened Leadership. We need innovative and creative thinking to rescue Grenada from it self. ... the petty jealousies and vindictiveness is strangling the life out of the Country.

    People tired of these fellas and dem. In Grenada.... Bullshit is the "Coin of the Realm".

    Hamlet you seem like a nice fellow why dont you start a new political party?.

    Lol..ah hope you are not in bed with both ah dem?

    Either way bruddaman.. we need New blood , this Tom & Jerry business must cease and desist.

    Any way Like Obama said the

    " The Leaders we have been waiting for is us" .

    The vampires are all over him now like a dirty shirt, but he was right about that one.

    Any way Food for Thought!!New Party in Grenada!!

  11. Agree with your last statement that we need a new Party or a new approach. Also believe Hamlet is not as clean and a “victim” as he would like people to believe. He flirted and I dare say “went to bed” with both parties at different times. In recent times he was reported to be the author of the speech read by Glynis Roberts with Peter David standing behind her – that’s activism. He is entitled, however you cannot be an activist and when the going gets hot want to play victimized journalist. That is my opinion; I make no apology for it. This is not intended to discredit Hamlet or his ability (he has good skills), but if democracy is to reign, I too must have my opinion. Again, your last point re: a new party is brilliant because I believe both of those floating around have been found wanting in these turbulent times.

  12. Hamlet, you certainly got a great writing talent. I believe you are onto something so much that your NDC friends are running scared of the fact that an inside man like yourself would choose to spill the beans on them.

    Continue to write from your heart and allow the pen to take its course. According to one of the Georges the pen is always mightier.

    Good luck Hamlet, something must give.

  13. For Grenada to Grow NDC must goDecember 12, 2010 at 1:33 PM

    Hamlet George Grant is noted for "editing" material to his liking or belief before posting it on his website so do not be too suprised that some pages of the documents were left out. As for George Worme, very soon his empire in Marian and St. John Street will tumble down because since the judgement against him he has been constantly voilating the Court rulings.

    Hamlet continue to speak out, there are comments I see here and by the writing I can tell that it came from the PMO from you know who. The whole idea is to distract Grenadians from their continued boo boos. Allan Campbell has been speaking very highly of you since the drama started and as he said just this past friday on his talkshow "they want Hamlet throat because he not sticking they nonsense and he calling a spade a spade, they trying to distract Grenadians but they will not be fooled anymore"

    Hamlet, we all have our political friends, if you support Peter, Glynis etc that is YOUR RIGHT. It is not your fault that Tillman Thomas is the puppet on Nazim Burke's string. It is not your fault that NDC lies published through all mediums during the last campaign is now coming back to haunt them.

    One last thing, forget that idiot Ray Roberts who continues to feel he is the lord of the media rings. He speaks about you attacking MTV reporters, why doesn't explain to the Grenadian people why he is collecting two salaries one from Government and the other from MTV as the News Director there? Have you noticed that GIS News clips are repeated in MTV News? Who is this guy trying to fool? He attacked Allan Campbell once and he was put in his place.

    Hamlet pay attention to this link I am most certain you will find even more to speak out about especially now that a certain "cabinet" is now trying to get rid of Joe Gilbert over the CCC fiasco - Even though I don't live in Grenada I am well informed and another reshuffle in the making, mark my words.

  14. For Grenada to Grow NDC MUST GODecember 12, 2010 at 1:40 PM

    Hamlet I suppose you will be blamed for Rawle's letter to George Grant too

  15. All I will say is; "GIVE THEM HELL HAMLET". It's about time someone does...

  16. Former opposition leader in Grenada Michael Baptiste has called on PM Thomas to fire three dissenting ministers. Mr Baptiste was speaking to Rennie Bishop on Radio WWRL New York. Baptiste also call on the PM to call election and seek a fresh mandate from the people. Please click here for the full interview