Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The great debate about nothing

IT sometimes completely bamboozle me that supposedly intelligently people -- who are all supposed to be brighter than most of us -- can engage themselves and waste the public's time in continually debating "nothing."

    The great debate about whether Peter David was a member of the National Democratic Congress is as pointless as they come.

    It is beyond the point that it is factually a lie --a thing funnily enough being spouted by the NDC 'Johnny -come- latelies' like Randal Robinson, Joseph Andall and Jenny Rapier  --  who were nowhere around when the likes of Peter and the team were all over the place raising millions for a party -- that had no seat and no future after 2000 -- to becoming the ruling party eight short years later.

  To be fair to Naz, while he won't stop them making such comments, he is smart enough not to make them himself.

  He will have to assume that the same form he and Peter filled up at the same time actually made them members.

And if their argument is to perhaps make Peter David a fake -- then so too are the courts of Grenada.

What is the court doing ruling that the expulsion of David and others were illegal - if  -- well at least him - was not a member?

   But let's for argument sake assume the assumption is true. Then the NDC gets crazier than it has ever believe to have been.

  So this party, which once ruled Grenada -- and aspires to rule again -- wasted a whole government trying to expel a man who was never a member of the ruling party?

  This party, made a non-member its chief organizer (what did that say about the value of 'real' members) and accepted the millions he raised for it; and took a whole convention to pass a resolution, supported on the floor of the SAASS meeting to expel a man who was -- well actually -- by their view not a member.


  So its been a long time that the NDC been wasting all of our time then?

   But, by the way, seriously -- what is the point of this fresh "debate" again?
  NDC exposes its contemporary bankruptcy when this  supposedly serious party, can waste our time to make this a point of debate.

  But with the likes of Randall and Andall and Jenny and Kem touting to be the intellectual power and strategic nous these days of this once proud and powerful party, we can quickly come to understand how close to tottering in irrelevancy this 'organisation' has become.

   Peter David will be laughing to the Senate this morning. Francis Alexis must be shaking his head, thinking this is an affront to his legacy. George Brizan will be turning in his grave.

   With a pending debate on the budget in the Senate; with people busy trying to make meaning of Christmas -- thank you NDC for wasting our time with the greatest debate about nothing.

   A people get the government they deserve. I assume they also get the kind of opposition too.

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  1. A book read hamlet ...empty vessels makes the most noise so let them continue with emptiness..