Wednesday, November 20, 2013

With the highest and lowest regards!

THE humorous streak in me stands completely amused with how just a small leadership core of the NDC has gotten into a hissy fit with the publication last week of two internal emails, which graphically explain the continuing problems of this beleaguered party.

  In a classic attempt at diversion -- and poor things, I understand the attempt as amateur as it is -- they have failed to discredit the emails -- instead complaining about everything else under the sun.

  (Truthfully I am not surprised, since Naz, in his eternal cowardice, has outsourced the think-tanking of the party to Jenny Rapier, Kem Jones and Randal Robinson -- people who intellectually won't challenge his assertions).

   Instead of at best trying to address the issues raised in the emails, or at worse lying low on the issue -- they have immaturely and laughably attempted to cuss everyone remotely supportive of any government idea.

  And on that note by the way -- they have not yet offered a coherent alternative to the policies of readjustment the government has proposed.

  Decrying the measures proposed by government is the easy part. Having done that -- what is the alternative plan at development, given the challenges?

  Even while some fret at the current government, the NDC will continue to remain an unattractive option to the mass of people, unless it can offer genuine alternative arguments to a development path, without the default argument that -- well -- Keith is the devil.

  That "devil" got re-elected only a few months ago. 15-nil to boot.

  Maybe people opted to vote for the devil they know, rather than the one they thought they knew. But that's aside.

  In this meandering (lol), my real topic is about the aftermath of "Emailgate." 

  Some of the arguments I have heard lately that have come out in the name of NDC, have had me wondering, how the party of George Brizan and the new NDC of 2003-2008, has sunk so ineffectively low in its articulation of whatever vision it has.

  I listened Glen Noel the other night on the "Beyond the Headlines'' programme, and obviously while I would not necessarily agree on every point he made, I thought he sounded reasonable.

  In fact, I feel that since the general elections he has matured in his political analysis and outlook.

  Obviously he has his party to defend -- and you can't begrudge him his right to opposition.

  But I am having the feeling that he is not having the influence over the party's direction as he might want. And that's understandable. (The Nazim Burke wing never ever fancied him anyhow; though, for their own survival's sake, I am sure they'll have to break bread after February 2).

   While I know they won't listen to Noel, I would have thought that they'd listen to Vincent Roberts though.

  In my limited discussions with Roberts over the months, I find him to have a level of intellectual maturity that should allow him to have something to offer positively.

  The relatively brief discourses I have had with Noel, Roberts and the likes of Lingham Samuel and William Joseph have been thought-provoking, creative, useful and respectful.

  They have given me endless food for thought (and I hope I have given them too), and there is a basis there for balanced intellectual debate that will make all of us better.

  Nobody has all the answers; nor is any of us faultless -- but we can only seek enlightenment in the market place of ideas.

  Which has made me believe that the 'outsourcing' theory I have heard from inside the NDC seems to be credible.

    Maybe the likes of William Joseph and Faye Thompson need to return to the Strategy Committee meetings and assert their influences.

  But in a facetious way -- and frankly for my own political reasons  -- I am actually loving things as they are.

  And if I can judge from the contents of the emails, the penchant for turning people who have a strong alternative views, into enemies, remains.

  I remember those cherished internal debates I used to have in 2003 and 2008 with people such as William Joseph and Stephen Fletcher.

  There were times we got to near blows. But none of us ever took them personally -- and the comradeship always remained.

   But I could never have said that about the core of the NDC that seems to be in control of the party right now.

  And you would have thought that they had learnt.

  At the first convention after the 2008 general election, I remember remarking to a couple of the comrades, that it is not the lack of a coherent policy that will kill the party and government; but lack of internal love and regard.

  It took me no pleasure to say years later that both my sense and analysis have proven me right.

   Whoever has the biggest influence over the party now still has not learnt how to deal with debate and with people with strong dissenting views.

  They have not learnt. And because of where I sit, I say -- thankfully!

  But as Randal and Kem would remind me -- that's none of my business. And they are right.

   Good job, guys!

(PS: In the interest of full disclosure, I should announce I take full pleasure in the current state of affairs of the NDC, because it allows me to feed my ego. It proves what I was saying since 2010 was right -- again!)

(PS2: The current state of things could not happen to some nicer people. Merry Christmas to Naz and Cudjoe (Chris DeRiggs), Jenny and Bernard Isaac. Much love from me, Tricks, Glen, Willie, Gerry, Quarless, Walker, Livington. BTW -- Pedro, Chess, Joe and Glynis send their regards. I saw a couple of them at the Green rally last week).

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