Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Run fast from this burning building!

After a week on the road in Bermuda, I was about to write a blog about how clean and organized that society is, and how much we can learn from them.

Then overnight, I was about to turn my attention to the Bahamas after general elections were announced last night for May 7.

By the time I landed in Ft Lauderdale last night, delayed slightly by Air Force One in the area - and we having to clear the airspace –my phone was filled with messages as soon as I could have gotten a connection to my network.

The theme – did you see MTV News tonight?

Once I eventually got to see it this morning, it was clear to me that Bermuda and Bahamas now have to wait.

Having seen the interview with the Prime Minister, I’ve got one advice for anybody in his cabinet who cares for their political safety – run fast from this burning building; save yourself – and in that process you may just save Grenada too.

There is no saving this government.

I know this is heartbreaking news for people who have worked so hard to usher in change just four years ago. I share that pain too.

But like it is with an old car or a bad woman, as much as you may sentimentally be attached to the situation – you sometimes have to cut your losses and move on.

This is a jihadist suicide mission, led by a self-appointed moral fanatic, who determines who are the infidels that he has to – in his words in the interview – deal with them.

They say politics is the art of compromise.

But Grenada’s Prime Minister has declared he won’t compromise, and he won’t seek unity or consensus.

His views and his stances are bigger than the party or government he leads. Everybody else must follow the leader or be demonized.

“We have to deal with them,” he declares.

This is the same man who once told a party caucus that there is evil in the room – and they have to be gotten rid off.

It is the same man who once said the tough economic times was God’s punishment on Grenadians because they have become too materialistic – rather than as leader try to fashion policies that will ease the burden.

So where do you go from here Glynis Roberts? - the good Catholic that you are? Where do you go from here Michael Lett? Where do you go from here Peter David?

How do you make nice with someone who won’t compromise; with someone who rather lose an election, than figure out a way to settle differences?

How do you reconcile with someone who says in his actions, I don’t care who the constituency branches nominate, there are people I am not running with, and everybody must follow what I want.

If that is not fanaticism, then Bin Laden was a moderate.

And I feel sorry too for the very good people that have given him support so far.

He has some very good people in his corner – and they don’t deserve to be dragged down like this.

I think of three people every time I hear such madness – and for obvious reasons they can’t speak out like I can – but how much all of this should be tearing their committed NDC hearts apart.

I have come to see Franka Bernadine operate and carry herself with class, and I am a big fan. I genuinely think she wants the party to do right and to unite. And she doesn’t deserve to be in a situation like this.

Ann Peters has roots in St Andrew’s South West, as I do – for Union not too far from Munich – and we go back some; and I love her – with no apologies. And I feel really badly she is in this.

So too is Patrick Simmons. That is a good man. We may not agree on many things politically, but his heart is in the right place.

And having spent some time with him in Bermuda these past few days, he too does not deserve to be caught in this.

If the truth be told – this leader has failed both friends and foe (even the imagined ones); just like how Herbert Blaize did Tillman and company in the original New National Party; something the current Prime Minister inappropriately but frankly spoke about at the former’s funeral.

The Grenada Prime Minister and I agree on at least one thing – the party is divided – and after last night, we also agreed that it cannot be fixed.

But boss, as leader, how much responsibility do you claim for this?

How come it’s everybody’s fault, but your own?

At what point will the buck stop with you?

PS 1: Anybody knows this song that say something like – “The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire; we don’t need no water, let tha …… burn.” So who’s going to sing it for me?

PS 2: Pedro, you and Naz seem to be headed back to the same place – compliments your dear leader. Be the first to step into Ciboney Chambers, and while you there, prepare your ‘pardner’s office too.

PS 3: Pedro they’ve said that I am advising you. So how come you so stubborn – I say run fast, your (leader) coming!

PS 4: Doc I hope your cheque for the Prime Minister is in the mail. He has done an excellent job for you as your campaign manager. I think he deserves a raise. (Where is Chester when you need him to fight for hard workers?)


  1. Thanks for keeping up up-to-date on the politics at home, and giving us a type of analysis we cannot find anywhere else on the web.

  2. Hamlet, I am so tempted to say Amen!!!/preach!!! and add a few lines myself but I am so suspicious that my comments will hurt my tomorrow today. However, some of the sympathies you share I make haste to say are none so deserving as the likes of Kenrick Fullerton if you will (not so much for the most recent happenings) but more so for the 'gooder goods', Elphredge Phillip, Terrence Benjamin, Jassy, and ofcourse yours truly just to mention in passing; all from the bowels of the Leader. Without whom there would most likely not be 'the leader'.Yet the disregard and disrespect which the afore mentioned has been meeted is worst than experienced prior to 2008.
    The Leader's obsession to prove he is most righteous comes as the stench from a rotting carcas especially when those of us who know very well it aint so. Stay tuned to the days and weeks ahead!!!

    1. Nords, keep the faith. I feel it for people like you, who worked so hard, and turned out to be victims of this misadventure.

  3. Oh! Mr. hamlet, U mentioned bad woman and old car, don't forget the shoe that squeezing u.
    They say Keith Mitchell was a dictator...hmm well see cant see way Tilly passing when it comes to that...his weapon. Morality! A cunning dictator is he!

  4. Good evening Sir Hamlet keep up the good work we love you.

  5. I am glad that the PM's comments last night had the proper was a very strange experience for me....I couldn't understand the irrationality of the man. and that piece of editorializing by the news anchor at the end of the story...disgraceful...Hamlet I won't sing the chorus but I will say burn baby burn....make way for new growth..they say a good bush fire is good for the forest

  6. Mr. Mark, I wonder if you really believe what you are saying. You mention the PM putting the party in jeopardy, but there are two sides to a coin. What if one is to say that the others put the party in jeopardy?
    It seems as though Grenada keeps repeating the same mistakes throughout history. As that happens, a country that has potential continues to slip into the abyss. Those who vie for leadership continue to do just that and regard the interest of the country as secondary.
    I say to all the members of the party, "GROW UP."
    I say to you Mr. Mark, "You just enjoy jooking fire. Maybe it is in your interest to do so. You speak of what can be learned from Bermuda, but then you act out in a different manner."

  7. Hi Nick, good to hear from you. Sure there are many sides to a coin -- sometimes proverbially even more than two.

    The other side of the coin to what the PM was advocating in the interview is division and chaos.

    Maybe you may say it is a desirous thing -- and I am sure there are people who can make that argument.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I was only trying to be politically realistic. Remember I had to bring that bad news to myself first -- and looking at it, digesting the reality was not the easiest thing. We all sometime wish it was so different.

    You are not the only one who says I am jooking fire.

    My counter-argument is that I am commenting on the fires that have already been stoked.

    Not me that declared there are enemies to be "dealt with". It was not me that declared "who want to go could go."

    Other people have cast the dice, and I am just commentating, to the best of my ability on what in my view, this means.

    Ignoring the problem wont make it go away.

    Obviously I don't have all the solutions, but I hope I have some ideas that could inspire a deeper debate about politics and people.

    BTW -- thanks for identifying yourself. I am reluctant to engage people who come on here as 'Anonymous".

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