Monday, November 22, 2010

Seeking my personal interest

Forgive me for saying, but I could care less about the job status of Karl Hood, Glynnis Roberts, Peter David and Michael Church -- as much as I would want them to make a living.

What concerns me – and should concern all of us – is the 37 percent of the working population desperately seeking jobs and can’t find one.

For me this is personal.

I have got a cousin in Munich who has been out of work for 16 months. His girlfriend's got a baby – and they find it hard making a living. And sometime I have to give them a little change too. You see how it’s costing me?

My ex-girlfriend’s mother, living somewhere close to Grenville has been seeking a new job after there was none on the estate she used to work.

No offense to Karl, Glynis, Peter and Marchy – my problem with Grenada is far more personal than if they keep their jobs.

I am sure these four ministers have a mortgage.

Thank God my mother ain’t got one. And she is cool – not starving either.

This government took away the pension NNP gave her months before the general elections in 2008 in hopes of getting her vote. The truth is, not that she really needed that $200 – she has never been that desperate. But it had helped pay a bill nonetheless.

It has not made her worse off. It has made me worse off (told you it was personal) – because I just need to give her an extra $200 a month. But that’s cool. That’s not even $US100. Anyhow it’s better for my health, cause I have less money to spend on fast food.
You see I told you it was personal.

Yea, Grenada is a small place, and everybody knows everybody. I manage to know Glynis, Peter, Marchy and Karl well. And I am cool with them. I wish them the best. But they are not my headache right now. For that matter, I don’t think they’re Tillman’s headache either.

But the only reason, I feel I should talk about some of the broader issues, is that I have not given up my Grenadian passport yet. And I still have this Utopian dream of retiring in Munich – some time. And so, I kinda have a self serving interest here.

I want more people in Munich to get work. For me the smaller picture is the bigger picture. You see why I say it’s personal?

And I know finding work is easier said than done. How about just giving Munich people a little hope? I don’t want to retire in any village where people have been so short-changed by their government and their system – that they take it out on me. So I am here protecting my own self interest.

Hey – and what is this talk about national interest? Who determines national interest anyhow? The truth is, in the real world, it doesn’t exist. What we have is a collection of individual interests. All of us have our individual interests – that we –when it’s convenient, use the cover of the state to protect. My national interest ends with my personal interest.

I vex with this government that not enough people in Munich have work. But I am a realist – and I know those things don’t come easy. I am madder because Munich people don’t have hope. And I don’t know why I am feeling guilty about that.

What about you Mr Prime Minister?

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  1. Well said I feel and share your sentiment. Sometimes I wonder if these ppl really and truly lack vision. Look at Victoria for example for years this place has been and continue to be on of the poorest areas in grenada. Man I am sicken by this selfless/selfish beings who run the country.

    I feel it for the poor people f Grenada who are unemployed, without the little benefits and still have bills to pay. Sorry this just brought me to tears. I mean will you sit by and watch your brother starve, cant fed his family. SHIT MAN!! sorry i real vex here we. I HAD ENOUGH!! THEY NEED TO STOP PLAY POLITICAL GAMES WITH THE PEOPLE AND TRULY AND HONESTLY HELP THESE PEOPLE.

    You know what saddens me even more, we often critic the nurses and say if they do not have a passion for the job get out. If they do not genuinely care for the people change your career. WELL FOR THEM POLITICIANS WHO DO NOT HAVE A PASSION TO SERVE THE PEOPLE..STEP ASIDE.