Saturday, April 4, 2009


WELCOME to my own little space on the internet, where from time-to-time at irregular intervals I would want to share my thoughts on life, economics, politics, entertainment, sport and even musing empty nothings.

NOTES FROM ALL AROUND was the name of a column I once wrote for about a year back in 1989 for the Grenadian Voice newspaper, which allowed me to comment broadly on my myriad interests.

I want to go back to that vibe and to those roots.

My work allows me to live through and witness new experiences everyday -- mostly ordinary, but sometimes extraordinary.

Extraordinary stories are told easily. My challenge here will be to find extra-ordinary ways to tell ordinary stories, without embellishment.

Sometimes you may have to wander with me about something that may otherwise be considered a small detail.

In my story telling I will seek to turn my wander into a wonder.

The amazing thing about the web is that it also allows for immediate feedback -- and yours will be welcomed -- from the brutal to the kind.

Rest assured that my back is broader than my ego.


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  2. I am looking forward to hearing more from you Hamlet. You are such a great writer and role model for me and several other journalists from around the world. You are strictly the best!I am yet to find a smarter and better media professional!!!!!

  3. Gerry Hopkins, J.D.April 9, 2009 at 1:01 PM

    Mark, here you are again, adding yet another mark to your curriculum vitae - one that surely adds credit to the repuatation of your alma mater, St. David's Catholic Secondary School. I am so proud to have shared those hallways with you.

    You are indeed one of Grenada's finest minds. You are not simply a journalist who respects objectivity/balance and the value of researching facts before putting ink to paper or finger to keypad, but also an authentic wordsmith with an eclectic appreciation for life - politics, art (esp. music), religion, and sports.

    Best wishes on this new writing initiative. All of us - your readers - would certainly benefit from your "irregular" future missives. May they not be infrequent.